Google Ads Consulting

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Regency Interactive is a Premiere Google Ads Partner. Our team includes four Certified Google Ads individuals. Our services of consultation and management are designed to maximize the results of advertising dollars allocated to paid search placement. Our full-service management solution enables you to focus on your core business while we work with you to implement, manage, and monitor your advertising campaign; enhancing click volume with saving time and money.


Process Overview


Discuss Goals for New and Existing Google Ads Accounts
Provide Forensic Audit of Existing Account (If Applicable)
Create Economically Aggressive Campaigns Based on Budget and Direction
Ensure Use of the Appropriate Keyword Phrase Targeting (ie. [exact match], “phrase match”, and +broad +match +modifier)


Write Eye Catching Ad Copy


Establish Tracking via Google Analytics, Engagement and Conversion Tracking
Discuss Integration of Graphic / Animated Marketing Options


Proper account setup and management are critical to the success of these campaigns. A/B Split testing of Ads is set up within each Ad Group to help improve the overall click rate and the quality of incoming prospects while ensuring a cost effective, budget friendly approach.


Above and Beyond


We review your website to make suggestions that will help you maximize the results of your online marketing initiative. Sometimes small web site alterations can make a significant difference in achieving results.
Remarketing is also suggested, as a complement to your existing Google Ads campaign. This program is designed to re-engage your visitors and increase your brand recognition among your web-visitors.